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Mgr. Alexej Liuliava

Mgr. Alexej Liuliava

Owner and Managing Director

What's rawfood? It's raw food for tough guys? It's a fast intermediate product for the lazy? No! Rawfood is for all who profess the life of authenticity, quality, real taste and friendly approach to nature. It is for people who have about themselves and about the world think and take a proactive stance - if I want to have a healthy body and a ready mind, and I think that, in what form and quality it provides the energy.
In this spirit, he thought and founder of the brand RAW FOOD Alexei Liuliava, which says:
Why I decided to just raw diet? It's my lifestyle? Czech customers will gradually seek quality, tasty and healthy food. Recently they began to explore the concept of raw food. This change is a big positive for us, and we are so we can expand and offer more varied selection of healthy treats. Raw food, however, is primarily consumed raw food is uncooked and thermally unprocessed foods. Raw food for me? Yes, but reasonable. Most of us were raised on cooked and modified diet, so adding to the raw food diet must take place gradually.

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Our team consists of a group of enthusiasts who share not only sympathy for raw food, but also the principle that work should enjoy human, not being a necessity! We present you our team of motivated individuals who comprise a staged unit of enthusiastic professionals.

Mgr. Alexej Liuliava

Owner and Managing Director

Petr Žídek

Quality Management

Hana Černá


Michal Dvořák


Marie Křížková

Head of Production

Jan Beneš


Jana Balážová

Complaints and communication with customers

Ewa Adamczyk


Rawfood Our production

All RAWFOOD products are processed cold or in temperatures under 42 °C. They are not heated to high temperatures, boiled, baked, roasted or pasteurised. This ensures that all nutritional values remain, as well as the natural basis of the ingredients. Processing at 42 °C or less does not modify nutrients.

We produce our products from purely vegetable ingredients in bio-level quality and in compliance with strict legal norms. The production is certified by ABCERT to comply with European norms. BIO-level quality is ensured by the CZ-BIO- 02 standard. Our products are naturally lactose-free and no added refined sugar or artificial sweeteners are added - they have a pleasant sweetness to them thanks to the sugars present naturally in the fruit. There are also no animal ingredients because we reject the idea of harming animals.

Bio TigerNut RAW Granola banana and chia seeds

Exclusive innovation TigerNuts Granola. Combination of tigernut flour, fruit, seeds and spices combine to form a unique taste.

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Bio TigerNut Dark Chocolate RAW Granola

Exclusive innovation TigerNuts Granola. Combination of tigernut flour, fruit, seeds and cocoa matter combine to form a unique taste.

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