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What is RAW food?

We understand RAW FOOD (live food) as such food which is not altered either thermally or chemically. This is based upon such findings that any thermal or industrial processing destroys nutritious values, modifies structure of molecules, which then become not only unhealthy, but often also toxic and carcinogenic.

Do not imagine anything still moving under the term of - raw food" - it is no more and no less than raw vegetable food. If you eat live food, you will not deprive yourselves from any vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Live food is understood as raw fruit and vegetables, rad nuts and seeds, various cereals - wheat, buckwheat, sprouts, etc. Live food is the healthiest and most natural food.

Raw and thermally processed vegetable food.

The human body consists of live cells and it is therefore logical that these cells will be best nurtured by live food, its nutrients and unspoiled energy. Our body benefits most from simple food - it contains the most nutrients and is easily digestible. Dead food harms the human body because through processing it becomes deprived of its original properties and its natural energy and vitality.

Unprocessed fruit and vegetables constitute the healthy basis of our diet. It is recommended to consume 80% raw food and 20% cooked food. Cooked and otherwise thermally processed produce and artificial chemicals and preservatives are not as naturally healthy as the unprocessed raw fruit and vegetables (neither do they contain as many nutrients and natural energy). It goes without question that it is up to each individual to decide what they want to eat and what makes them feel best.

If food is processed thermally, the nutritional value of all ingredients decreases, and it is therefore good (if possible) rather to consume raw foods. It is recommended that the food be cooked at a temperature as low as possible. Do not forget the fact that e.g. cooking in steam is better for your health than boiling or baking.

When you eat uncooked vegetables, you provide your body with up to 10 times more nutrients compared to the same amount of cooked vegetables. In total 85% of the nutrients is destroyed during the cooking. If a person eats too much cooked food (deprived of important substances), the body will gradually exhaust its natural enzyme reserves which it needs for digestion.

If you consume life food, you need a lot less of it to feel full and recharged. Your portions will become smaller but at the same time you will have more strength and energy - a common effect of more substantial consumption of raw food is losing weight.

Raw food is natural and efficient.

Consumption of raw vegetable food influenced human health in a positive way. Raw food is no modern invention, on the contrary - it has always been here and so it will (even though it is sometimes overlooked). The body is designed to consume raw food and will easily distinguish this kind of food, process it and excrete it without any trouble. Raw vegetable food contains a lot of enzymes and water. Consuming purely raw vegetable food leads to purification of your body thanks to the water contained in the food. Such food thins down blood, toxins are flushed out of the body and into blood and then into the digestive and later excretory tract, from which it is excreted. After some time the body will excrete all poisonous substances and will become perfectly pollution-free and healthy.

Dead food - thermally processed diet.

During food processing various technologies are used which, apart from diminishing nutritional values, also affect taste. Dead food has a chemical taste - processed products are of bland taste, and so the food industry uses chemicals to make the food taste good again. Have you come across the "identical aroma" or "natural aroma" as ingredients? Although these words do not sound unhealthy, they often consist of a number of chemical ingredients. The same applies for the term "spices" (sometimes it is only disguise for a chemical mixture).

Thermally processed food is not natural and consumption of such food is inefficient. Man is the only being which uses heat to process food. However, the history of consumption of thermally processed food is short compared to how long man has been on Earth. Thermal processing leads to modification of the foods and creation of toxic elements. Thermal processing eliminates enzymes from the food as well as the amount of water reduced - followed by indigestion. The organism first has to liquefy the food in order to get it into the digestive tract.

Do you eat enough live food?

Think about the food you eat most often, and think also about how much live food do you eat. Include more raw foods into your diet and have a raw snack between meals.

Sources: Soul-Full Eating. Maureen Whitehouse
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